About Andrew
Andrew has over 10 years experience working in statutory planning departments in Local Government at the cities of Glen Eira, Bayside and Stonnington. These three municipalities have substantial exposure to the most complex and contentious planning matters. Andrew spent the bulk of this time as the VCAT Planning Appeals Co-ordinator at the City of Stonnington.
Geographically speaking, The City of Stonnington is widely recognized as being at the cutting edge of the development industry in Melbourne. At Stonnington, Andrew would manage over 200 planning appeals to VCAT per year. Andrew regularly appeared before VCAT on behalf of Council in proceedings pertaining to medium density housing, heritage overlays, implementation of structure plans, large tower developments, commercial developments, legal disputes, covenants, easements, student housing projects, liquor licensing matters for taverns/nightclubs and promotional signage. The cumulative knowledge gained from such vast and diverse exposure to the most pressing and live planning issues in Melbourne means Andrew has all the skills necessary to achieve your optimum outcome.
This exposure also means Andrew is extremely well connected in the planning industry in both the public and private sector to people at the top of the food chain. Andrew knows who best to contact if further specialized advice is required from architects, lawyers, barristers, urban designers, arborists, traffic engineers and acoustic engineers.
Andrew has also authored opinionative journal pieces about planning reform published by the Planning Institute of Australia and Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association.
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