Planning in Victoria regulates land use and built form with a broad spectrum of processes in place. Below are the areas Clarke Planning specialises in.



Filing, preparing and presenting in planning proceedings at VCAT on behalf of Councils, State Government bodies, Permit Applicants and Objectors.

For Permit Applicants, Clarke Planning will file the appeal, attend to all procedural matters, brief expert witnesses where required, dispense advice to the client, work with the designer and any witnesses to mould the proposal further to enhance chances of winning and prepare submissions to present at the hearing.

Clarke Planning has over 20 years experience in this area, and with excellent working relationships with a number of barristers, the option of direct briefs where warranted and/or desired can be offered.

Preparing, lodging and running planning permit applications to Councils.

This includes single dwellings and extensions, low scale townhouse developments to high rise apartment buildings, mixed use buildings in activity centres, child care centres, medical centres, commercial uses, industrial uses and liquor licensed entertainment venues


Authoring planning reports for clients to initiate planning permit applications with Councils. Typically this would apply to low-scale medium-density housing projects in suburban Melbourne.

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